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Cross country route franchise change impact

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With the new franchise holder being announced for this major British route between Aberdeen and Plymouth how do D & E modellers view such changes and cope when it happens?

Is it seen as an opportunity to model new liveries ("Fantastic, I can start a new project!") or a liability having to scrap the existing model fleet ("Oh dear, more expense!")

Not being a current scene D & E modeller I personally have no experience of the emotions involved. Is it cheers
or tears

Happy modelling
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Comes with the territory, I should say!

Some of the modern layouts I've seen at shows don't seem to be that strict on updating liveries or geographically separating out operators, and I think that's a fair approach.

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Well, it depends. Most modellers of the post-privatisation scene have either bang-up-to-date layouts or layouts set in a specific time period (1999-2002, say). If you are in the bang-up-to-date crowd, chances are you'll also let a few models from earlier eras in. It can be complicated when picking a subject to model to choose the time period correctly (for example, were I to model class 319 unit 319217, if I modelled it as in 1997 it would have full CSC regalia and "Connex Express" stickers, in 1998 it would gain new-style warning flashes, in 1999 it would have "Brighton Express" stickers, in 2002 the Connex logos would go, in 2003 I would have to add a pantograph, in 2005 it would lose the "central" (I think!) and for a layout set today it would be in Southern livery) to avoid modelling something that is out of your time period, what with franchise changes and all. However, since the rail scene will have changed very little between 10th November 2007 and 12th November 2007, it would still be possible to have a roughly "contemporary" layout with a Virgin voyager. If nothing else, one could always remove the Virgin logos and knock up some Arriva ones!

Good news for modellers though: HSTs are to be refurbished and put into service with Arriva XC:

QUOTE (Press Association article on Yahoo! website)40 extra train carriages for operation on long distance services, using High Speed Trains, refurbished to the standard of the existing Voyager Trains

As for the original question, I would give it a thumbs down: more confusing franchise changes and new liveries to model!
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