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QUOTE (SPROGman @ 16 Jun 2008, 18:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Whilst the symptoms with the DCZ75 were the same as the QSI v6 decoder, I didn't manage to fix the problem for the DCX and came to the conclusion that this decoder does not support paged mode. This was certainly true for some earlier CT decoders, but someone else may be able to confirm for the DCX75.

The only solution in that case, is to program in direct mode.


I believe that I can confirm that the DCX75 does not accept paged programming. I have tried this method with my Uhlenbrock Intellibox and it says "No page" and will not let me proceed. When I programme with what Uhlenbrock call program (byte), which I think is another name for direct programming, there is no problem. I tried a reset by programming CV1 to 0 and that worked too.

Don't write off CT decoders; they have many virtues.
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