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Evening eveybody (UK that is). After reading some of the post's on this topic , i just felt that i had to add my two penny's worth.
As a coincidence it just so happened this morning that i received a letter from Parcelforce informing me that they had a parcel (from the U.S.A.) waiting for me at their local depot.
Unfortunately it could not be released until £20.89 V.A.T & £8.00 Parcelforce clearance fee had been paid
. Grand total £28.89.
I too, like others on this forum have previously purchased from the US before without any charges to my goods (value appx £100, as is my latest purchase). Even the previous postage rates have been very reasonable
But this time i had my doubts about this latest purchase (diffrent supplier)
shortly after i received my first e-mail informing me the postage on my purchase had risen from $25 to $49 (no explanation).
Day 2 into the purchase and i was e-mailed again to say my goods had been dispatched. Day 3's e-mail, they had left the US and were on route to the UK (17 Jan). Oh well at least a quick service me thinks
. Waited all week still no parcel. Yesterday (25 Jan) new e-mail. Your parcel is awaitng UK customs clearance (no mention of charges). This morning (26) i received the above letter.
Guess who the courier was ? Yes thats right good old UPS.
Well i now have my goods, but what have i learnt ?
If you see items on the web in the US that seem to be to cheap to be true, then they probably are just that
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