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QUOTE (Gary @ 23 Oct 2006, 08:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>And reference has been made to "American Style" customer service. Maybe those who are enlightened might provide more information as to what this means.

Happy modelling

I am an expat and have been living in the USA for just over 15 years. Recently my wife and I decided to have our garage redone with a wall storage system, cabinets and a tiled floor system. Due to budget constraints I did the flooring my self and the rest was left to a garage specialist. The flooring I put in is called racedeck. Basically a 12"x12" plastic tile that inter-connects to other tiles. The tile is simply laid onto the concrete floor, no glue. Keep in mind I purchased $2,000 worth of tile for our garage. I found that when my wife parked her Volvo into the garage some of the tiles would unlock and buckle. Being a little retentive I had a few sleepless nights about this issue.


I called up racedeck and they said if it is possible to send them a couple of pics of the buckling tile. I emailed the customer service rep three photos. Now this is where the "American style" of service shines. She showed the photos to one of their engineers and the next day I was told to remove the first row of tiles and offset them so that the joint lines are staggered like brick in a wall. This was easy to do as easy removal of these tiles is a big selling point. Voila problem solved. The icing on the cake is that the photos that I had emailed the customer rep showed three tiles that had been nominally damaged. She overnighted me six extra tiles without me even asking for anything. I used three different colors of tile and she was actually going to send me six of each. I felt bad because I had several of each as spares and told her just send me six of the one color. A few days later she called me to check if the offsetting had cured the buckling problem.

Sorry to go on but this is a good example of REAL customer service.
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