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Putting a positive spin on the topic, Langley Models are fantatsic. Online shop is very easy to use, ordered some bits 11am Wed, here 9am Thurs. Came with catalogue of their parts as well. Other "cottage industry" companies have had similar service that I have dealt with.

In terms of mail order Shrewsbury model center have been fantastic, good prices, free postage if you spend over £70, prompt service. When I had a problem with a Hornby 50, they paid for all the postage in sending it back to them and quickly sent me a replacement.

Where customer service is really patchy has been local Model centres and people who don't specialise in Railways. Questions like "Do you stock the Knightwing range?" was met by "Is it Hornby?".

A shop I used to frequent trotted out the same excuse for not having anything e.g. "Where might I find ballast?" was responded by "We had some once but we never made any money at it so we had a sale and stopped selling it". Payment was always an issue, "can I pay by cheque?" was met with "Aint you got any cash!?"

With service like that is it any wonder so many have gone to the wall.
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