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Cutting Track

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Prompted by the discussion on track laying, I've bought an Xuron track cutters.
Is it me, or are they crap? Cut the rails ( Peco code 100 ) top to bottom, cut the rails side to side, use brute force or try to be gentle ( I don't do gentle well ) and the same thing happens - at least one surface is a mangled wreck. Perhaps it's me and I'm living in the past, but I'm back to using my trusty grooved block of wood to hold the rails in place and cutting with my razor saw. Still the Xuron makes a good quality pair of wire cutters I suppose!
Can anyone spot something I'm overlooking? Or is this an over-hyped and unnecessary tool?
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I only know of xuron cutters and they work a treat and cut the track clean all the time and save me alot of time when laying track.
i have only used the Xuron. i hated them. they just didnt feel like they were up to the job. i have had 2 pairs break on me. one where the jaw sheared off and another where the pivot sheared.

i odnt use them any more.
i use a disc cutter in the dremel. works a treat but dont run it too fast or they explode.

When using Xuron cutters you use the back of the cutters to get your clean cut as the front will give you a ruff cut.
Gwent Rail,

I use Xuron cutters all the time. They are great. Cut the rail top to bottom, not from side to side. You always get one piece that you cut perfect and the other piece that you have cut it off from will be rough. Just remember to use th cutters the right way round.

Never use them for cutting steel or iron.

Like wise ...No problems with Xuron cutters on code 100 rail nickel silver rail.

You must always cut top to bottom on "00" track and as said above the outer face of the cutters gives the clean cut, so a small section needs to be removed from the off cut length before it can be reused (With the cutters the other way around - outside facing new rail). Also I use a flat bladed needle file to chamfer the underside and both sides of the rails foot making fitting the rail joiners or insulated joiners that much easier.

Disc cutter (Slitting disc) in a Dermal etc is a much better way especially when the track is already laid and modifications are being carried out.
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Ditto all of the above. I did post recently how I plan ahead for cutting long sections so that you have some spare on one rail for a "clean up" afterwards. Use the search facility with word Xuron and you will eventually find it.

They do fail however after continual use. I'm on my 5th pair, they normally self distruct across the jaws.
But note I still buy replacements so they must be good.
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Personally, I've never got on with the Xuron - I use a razor saw & find the fishplates slide on nicely without having to file the rail at all (provided, of course the blade is nice & sharp).

For cutting already laid track (for sectioning etc) I use a disc cutter with a small Dremel type drill.
two-penneth comin up!

I have used xuron cutters for the first time on my latest layout. I found them quick and convenient against my disc cutter dremel type thing. The cut they left on my N Gauge track was perfect, and needed no filing etc.Often when using the slitting disc I need to then clean up the rails with a file or paper.

However. After making a few cuts I note that the end of the jaws are now misaligned. They don't meet cleanly when closed, therefore the cut now is not as neat.

But as said above - they do make a great pair of wire cutters, if expensive!

best wishes all
The trick with your Dremel is to buy Diamond wheels, they dont shatter last for an age and are much safer to use. I have several sizes Proxxon do them, also Proxxon do a proper track cutter, it's like a abrasive cut off machine in minature. Check the web site. Impress you friends!

Table top Tools

BTW I have several of their machines, the table saw, brilliant for cutting brick sheets the scrawl saw and the mini bench grinder, the quality is brilliant.
Diamond cutting Disc's

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