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***Hi Paul

The braking section must be within 1 volt of the DCC section - Outxide that it may not work well. That usually simply means using the DCC as the source and just switching in a bridge rectifier via a relay. The loco slows and stops depending on settings in CV 3/4 so the section needs to be long enough for that slow down and stop time. There is NO need for any special circuit at all. What should happen is that the whole loco needs to be in the section when switched.

I have twice attached images showing how to do this - You need to have TWO sections that will switch to DC - with the first one being quite short and the second one being the one which triggers the DC change in both. That way guarantees the whole of the loco is in section.

No the loco with a chip will not buzz on DC UNLESS the controller is a lower frequency DC type which the decoder doesn't like, in which case it will run less smoothly than it would on pure DC.

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