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This is an extract of the Hornby Class 08 DCC installation that we did.
We debated the top speed (based on a maximum prototype speed of 27.5mph) and after
some experimentation we agreed that 100 seemed realistic enough at
the top speed for the loco. The mid point was set to 50 giving the
speed curve a straight line shape.
DCC CV Settings
for the Class 08/09 Locomotive
CV112Address (The loco
CV21Minimum Speed (V Min at
step 1)
CV34Acceleration delay
CV44Brake Delay (0-15)
CV5100Max speed (V High)
CV650Acceleration Curve (V
CV9216PWM frequency (69Hz)
CV293Decoder Configuration
CV490Decoder specific values
CV5020Decoder regulation

The rest of the CV's are left
untouched (factory default).

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Yes, I suppose it does depend on the decoder. Originally there was an Arnold 81201 decoder in there - that had those funny limits.

I now have a Hornby R8215 decoder and it works just as well with no max speed setting and no Vmid either.

Without worrying too much on specific settings of any particular decoder, the aim is to keep the top speed down and to make the starts and stops slow and gradual. You don't want it to lurch off at any speed setting. Play around with acceleration delay and braking delay.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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