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This idea of having suggested settings does come up periodically, but it isn't that practical. There is quite a lot of variation from example to example in model loco performance, different makes of decoder vary significantly in their characteristics, and operators have widely diverging tastes on what constitutes realistic performance. It is very much a matter of 'suck it and see', tinker with the settings until you have it the way you like it.

That said, I do feel it is worth proceeding in CV setting with a systematic method.

Set CV3 and CV 4 to 0 so there is no inertia to intefere with what you see.

Adjust CV2 so that the loco just starts on speed step 1 (0)

Assess maximum speed, change if required using CV5 (255)

Now see how the loco performs at the middle speed setting, adjust up or down to taste using CV6 (150)

Now set values in CV3 and CV4 to give the rates of acceleration and deceleration you prefer. (40, 35)

The values in brackets were my choices on a Lenz gold in a Bachmann 5MT to be used on passenger and fitted freight; they may not suit you at all! I would alter the CV 3 and 4 values on the fly to give more inertia if on a fitted freight, faster acceleration if running light engine on the main line.
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