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Hi All,

After fitting ditch lights to one of my N Kato locos after reading an excellent article on another forum i can get the ditch lights to work but only with the headlight function on after looking up CV values for it on the digitrax site i set CV51 to 100 and CV 52 to 101 the lights flash alternatley when going forward but in reverse stay on solid.

The lights only flash alternate when F1 & 2 with headlight is on F2 needing pressing twice .... i would like to be able to have them operate independently of the headlight and come on for a period when commanded going over a crossing for example, alsp have the lights go out in reverse.

The decoder is a digitrax DN 163 K1B any help with the CV'S would complete its conversion many thanks.

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QUOTE (zmil @ 19 Jan 2009, 01:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Nick

The Digitrax instructions are complex (back to front from others as well) and the decoders is limited to what you can reprogram

A computer interface for your DCC system (or a SprogII ) and a program like Decoder pro would make it easy for you

The Function remapping for digitrax (from the Digitrax site Here)

Normally Function 1 = Green wire , but in your case it would be a Solder pad on the board = button 1
and Function2 = Violet wire + button 2

In order to make it easy to operate put the ditch lights together on one button

Set CV35 (button 1) to = 12 (Green =4 , Violet = 8 , 4+8 = 12)

currently you have the effects working when headlight is on in forward direction only so f0 , f1, f2 need to be pressed and f2 acts like a switch on/off when ditchlights need to be activated - complex!

The Digitrax manual has all the more complex setting in Hex not sure how to add these
but I cheated and put the Decoder pro to work

If you set CV51=43 and CV 52=58 you will have to press f1 to turn on function(not 100% on this part though)
and F2 to turn on and off independent off direction and f0

You may only have to use f2

Let me know how you get on



Hi Zmil,

Just had the loco on the programme track and set CV35 = 12 51 =43 52= 58 the headlight now can be turned off/on at will and pressing F1 brings on both lights flashing slightly from the solid F1/ F2 used together doesnt seeem to affect the light pattern noticibly, though the ditch lights stay on in reverse solid unless the idea is to turn them of when in reverse using F1 pressing F1 more than once brings on one side only.

A lot better than it was many thanks for your help a more definate flashing of the ditch lights would be good if CV51/2 can be tuned as it were.

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After some searching myself more and trial and error i found the following combination with Zmil's findings the loco works well the ditch lights not on in reverse using CV 50 = 0 ............. the headlight can be turned off or on independantly and pressing F2 brings on the ditch lights flashing but subtly.
35 = 12
49 = 0
50 = 0
51 = 43
52 = 58
62 = 0
63 = 0

QUOTE (Ozzie21 @ 19 Jan 2009, 11:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>One of the reasons to stay away from the Digitrax decoders is this complexity problem. Ohter decoder have their little quirks to but Digitrax seem be over the top when it comes to things llike this. By the way which KAto loco is it?

Charles Emerson

Hi Charles,

The loco is a Kato GE C44 - 9W though the article i saw used an SD 70 the C44 -9W is here on a vid before the light conversion.

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