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Czech Rail-Cesky Drahy

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hey folks-
because of my interest in the railways of eastern europe,i am on the lookout for
a) uk stockists of any Czech outline
any details anyone might have of addresses or contacts for model shops in Prague,Czech republic?

help here would be much appreciated guys thanks :0)
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Believe ROCO do some loco's for the Czech outline. Both diesels and steam
Can check their site.

I also believe that Piko may have some Ccech stuff in their catalogue.

You could always "czech" out their web site.

- sorry I've wanted to get that joke in for ages

I went to Pragomodel Models down by the river back in April, small but interesting.

If you want trams then try
The supply from the manufacturers is VERY slow though if they aren't in stock. a plastic ready painted static model will cost around £50- 60 here or in Prague itself.

Here's some others that were suggested before I went but didn't have time to find!
Model shop upstairs in the Black Rose shopping centre.
Krokodil is in Bartomoleska.
U Krale Zelezenic. Just up from Wenceslas Square.
Piko. they do various loco's and stock including the iconic "goggles"

For steam you are basically stuffed. i would love a 475 and possibly a 476. but i think i am going to end up making them for myself.

If you need drawings i have access to lots of eastern block stuff.

forgot to say there are also lots of resin shells available. i have one for a 386 but its been put on hold because of the rather offensive price increase from romford.

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Xenia/Roco provide a range of Czech locos, coaches and wagons, also Crottendorf produces a couple of heavy locos.

Fair number of Czech (CSD) models around today.

Roco - Two vesions of the Russian 'Sergei' diesel. Ex DRG repaints class 50,1 current, two you might get on E Bay, ex class 57 currently available, OBB 93 type currently available, ex OBB 310 two types may get on E Bay, Ex DRG 64, .
Xenia - None of these are currently available but may pick up second hand. Ex DRG 57, Ex DRG 64, Ex DR type 132, Ex Fs E666
Euroforce in Prague - Various versions of ex DRG 93 and 52. These are not cheap but superb. Happy to e-mail pictures on request. Meinegen steamless loco, in the guise of the Stalin Oil Works, match up with Classic Models oil tankers
Tillig/CS Trains - DRV75 type, not the best but acceptable
Gutzold - 4 versions of the Segei diesel, two versions of the ex DRG 52
BV Models - Kato ex DRG SVT137
Fleischmann - Ex DRG 94
Piko - Ex DRG57 and current bi current electic, Prague Dresden route
Klein - Couple of DRG / OBB repaints though not the best quality

Others than can be converted using Loco plates by Kuswa

Rolling stock to numerous to mention.

As to shops, a cheap flight to Prague for the day, will take you to Zerba (some unusual stuff) just off Wecenslas Square, then walk up to U Kral in Manesova, good selection (no credit cards), on to Krokodil / Classic Models the best shop in Prague, always something to spend your money on and lastly Prago down by the river, small but some nice pieces.

If you would like more detail on any of the above, happy to do so.

Started modelling CSD just as Victors was closing down, got some contact names from Bernie Victor, found Xenia and Euroforce very helpful.

Hope the above helps and would love to hear if anybody knows of anything I missed.

PS Not put through spellcheck, so sorry for the errors
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