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General topic on the various projects that I have underway, some connected to my own layout and some connected with the BWWMRC club layout 'Horton'.

First project is my first ever renumbering of a ready to run model, converting A4 60029 Woodcock into the preserved condition 60019 Bittern

Nameplates, number transfers and OHL warning stickers were obtained from the Fox Transfers range. 52A shedplate is Gateshead shed.

Nameplates were carefully removed using a small flat blade screwdriver and the cabside numbers using cocktail sticks and surgical alcohol, finally wiped off using a cotton bud soaked in soapy water.

The model with plates and transfers added.

Some time before Horton's first exhibition (in rebuilt form), I hope to add the SWD sound decoder and two No. 22 Seuthe smoke generators for the twin Kylchap exhaust. I would also like to add the air brake hoses front and rear and to get a model of the support coach for Bittern, a Mark 1 BFK 'Botaurus' painted up in Pullman livery, but that might be outside of my skill range!

Other loco's on my hit-list to represent the modern day scene include 46115 Scots Guardsman, 70013 Oliver Cromwell, 76079 and 45407.


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nice job Dan a bit of grime would't go a miss (not a critism)
I agree somewhat, but as a preserved loco it needs to have signs of it being well polished. I wonder whether the smoke generators will give it a natural sheen? I seem to remember that effect appearing on my Triang Jinty.


i'm new to the hobby dan so i'm just learning.
Hoping to pick up hints and tips from site users seem friendly enough
I've been experimenting with Youtube this evening and have uploaded a video showing how good the haulage capabilities of the new Hornby A4 are.

Yes, I know it is slipping, but I managed to start the train without assistance and it is hauling 17 coaches while the train straddles three 3rd radius set track curves!


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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