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Dapol Class 66 EWS (N-Gauge)

The Class 66 locomotive is run by EWS, Freightliner, GB Railfreight and DRS.

In 1997, 250 locomotives were orders from General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD) by EWS. Designated Class 66, the locomotive used the 4000 HP GM EMD 710 series engine. Construction contracted to GM's loco production facility in London, Ontario, Canada, with the first locomotive being shipped to England via Immingham Docks in April 1998. The first Class 66 to arrive was 66001 (below).

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Since introduction, the 126 ton Class 66s have replaced older traction on well over 80% of the freight duties, and as a result the locos have appeared in every business sector in which EWS currently operates; automotive, coal, metals, petroleum, construction, intermodal and passenger.

The locomotive has a maximum speed of 75mph and has latest technology such as self steering wheel sets to reduce rail wear and microprocessor control. Over 400 Class 66 locomotives are now in service in the UK and across Western Europe.

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The Dapol N-Gauge model arrive well protected in a well-made plastic box and secured by a latex-like foam.

The model operates perfectly right out of the box and with it's twin flywheel set-up, it is very smooth right from the first voltage step.

You are drawn to the details: fine etching of the radiator vents on the roof; the shiny new exhaust on the other end that and weathered will go rusty brown; the hand-rail and steps as well as details on each end make the model very interesting indeed.

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The model is lighted and has a switch underneath the chassis to change between daytime running and night time running (during the day the right front buffer light is illuminated and at night the left front light under the driver is illuminated). The lights work in both directions - blue/white in the front and red at the rear.

The tampo printing is well done and the colours match the original well. For such a small model (145mm long, 27mm high and 18.4mm wide) the detail is perfect and when standing off, there are no major issues to criticise at all.

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The white lamp-holder on both ends is over scale and the gap between the bogies and the tanks under the chassis is too large (see the picture at the top of the page).

The model is supplied with Rapido couplers fitted in NEM sockets and shot-shank and medium shank buckeye couplers are also supplied.

The model runs very smoothly and has both bogies driven allowing it to haul well.

Dapol have produced this model with the following serial numbers: 66008, 66014, 66028, 66028, 66050, 66072, 66121, 66155, 66204 and 66255.

Freightliner livery and GBRf livery are also available soon.

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- December 2005

All text, photos & graphics ©2005 Doug Teggin - All rights reserved.
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