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Dapol Class 205s

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Kernow Model Rail Centre has just announced that it is ready to start taking pre-orders for the 2-car Class 205 Thumpers - in BR (S) green, 2 models in BR (S) green with yellow end + black triangle, BR blue, NSE, & Connex liveries, at £149.99 each, delivered in spring next year.
Good news for Southern modellers. What do you think about the £150 price tag?
The BR green with yellow end + black triangle liveried version is likely to be most popular, hence the two versions of that - but that will make this version less collectible for the investors. I'll still go for that version because they were around for a long time. Or should I wait for the 3-car version? Decisions, decisions.
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For Spring 2010? MD George Smith reckoned tooling took Dapol six weeks, and then a month at sea after production to get the parts to Chirk for final assembly, which is how they were able to turn projects round from announcement to sale in about four months. Sounds rather like they are collecting orders to assure sufficient demand before going ahead.
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