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Dapol Class 205s

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Kernow Model Rail Centre has just announced that it is ready to start taking pre-orders for the 2-car Class 205 Thumpers - in BR (S) green, 2 models in BR (S) green with yellow end + black triangle, BR blue, NSE, & Connex liveries, at £149.99 each, delivered in spring next year.
Good news for Southern modellers. What do you think about the £150 price tag?
The BR green with yellow end + black triangle liveried version is likely to be most popular, hence the two versions of that - but that will make this version less collectible for the investors. I'll still go for that version because they were around for a long time. Or should I wait for the 3-car version? Decisions, decisions.
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That's about the same price as the Hornby HST isn't it? Also a power and a dummy car. In which case the 205 represents good value, as it's a more specialised model so bound to be a shorter production run and you get a bit more train for your money.
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