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D6343 with Hymek D7072 at Old Oak Common, 1965. Author: Max Batten. From Wikipedia.

Dapol have announced the release of a class 22 locomotive in OO (Will be released in N as well)

QUOTE (Dapol News Release 4 March 2008)We take great pleasure in publicly announcing that we have, for some months now, been working on a North British class 22 locomotive for release in OO gauge.

This locomotive will have the highest specification yes seen in OO gauge and will set a new 'Benchmark' for the genre.

It will feature 3 different front ends and 2 different side variants from release, in 3 liveries:- BR Blue, BR Green and BR green with small yellow warning panel.

Worth noting is that Dapol will keep with tradition and only release limited quantities of each running number (provisionally 300 of each) and expect the initial batch to be 6 x BR Green and 4 x BR Blue.

It is also our intention to produce weathered examples at a future date, and we will not release duplicate running numbers.

Further details below.

Sounds very interesting
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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