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The specs so far of the class22:-

"The specification for this model (at present) is as follows,
5 pole skew wound can motor
2 large brass flywheels
21 pin DCC board fitted
DCC sound compatible
Removable painted cab (for crew fitting)
Directional lighting
Cab lighting
Heavy metal split frame chassis
Spoked see through RP25.110 darkened wheels
Low friction mechanism with pin point bearings
Lit headcode boxes
Alternate customer fitted headcode characters
separately applied handrails
Etched steel windscreen wipers
Etched roof fan grille with fan detail below
Customer fited air pipes and coupling chains
NEM coupling socket

The RRP has yet to be decided upon, but should be in line with current thinking for a model of this calibre.
The release is scheduled for 2009 and as normal information regarding cad/cam drawings and precise livery information will be posted on our website during the following months.

It is also our intention to scale down this model to N gauge in the future"

It does sound good!
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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