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I see various online retailers are prepared to take your money off you to preorder these now. There seem to be 2 in blue livery and four in green livery. Of the green ones three have small yellow panel and one no yellow panel.

The no yellow panel D6349 puzzles me as I am not sure it was ever like that, I have a picture of a new D6340 delivered in April 62 with a small yellow panel I also have a picture of D6341 and D6343 delivered in May 1962 again with syps- assuming (maybe incorrectly) D6349 was built at that time or later it woudl never have been plain green?

I model 1962 - anyone have any views if any the others listed are correct/incorrect - as it is such a large sum of money (£125 seems to be the standard pre-order price) that I don't want to blow it.


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