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• DCC Ready with 6-pin sockets fitted.
• Ready for Sound! Our new Dapol-made DCC board will accept a 'Loksound' chip and we have made provision within the non-motorised intermediate car for the fitting of a speaker.
• Super close-coupled, using a unique Magnetic coupling system.
• Working White lights in direction of travel and automatic switching Red lights at rear.
• Fitted etched-metal nameplate
• Super-high detailed body
• Limited to only 250 units per name

The models that are being officially launched at Warley are:
ND-063a : 220004 Cumbrian Voyager -&- ND-063b : 220007 Thames Voyager

Another 2 names will be released at the Model Rail Scotland exhibition at Glasgow:
ND-063c : 220002 Forth Voyager -&- ND-063d : 220032 Grampian Voyager.

The N-gauge model which will be launched at 10.30 on Saturday the 2nd of December has been fitted with sound.

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QUOTE (alibuchan @ 30 Nov 2006, 10:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Has anybody suggested a price that they will be sold at as i can see i will have to visit the bank of mum and dad to get this aswell as the other bits i have to buy.

I understand the RRP is £139.99
Expect discount retail price of £120, possibly even £200 if you buy both!

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QUOTE (traingeekboy @ 16 Jun 2011, 07:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Anyone own one of these? How do they run?
I own all three types :

Graham Farish Class 220 numbered 220001 (ADDresses 2201 and 2202)
Dapol Class 220 numbered 220002 (ADDresses 2205, 2206, and 2207)
Dapol Class 221 numbered 221144 (ADDResses 2211, 2212, and 2213)

The Dapol is generally better
However it requires three decoders, one at each end and one in the motor
It also doesn't like tight curves and scream on these

The Farish I have has suffered an ongoing issue with the PCB
Initially it wouldn't respond, BachFar didn't want to know, then I found out there are no spares!
I then found the PCB was not properly accepting the decoder, and with some jiggling it was finally accepted
However, even now it requires a jiggle or bang to revive
In due course I will fit a replacement PCB, when they are available
On the plus side it only requires two decoders

I also have a Dapol Class 221, to which I have added the fifth car
However, for the set number I have this was not officially a five car set, but with the numbers and nameplate so small it is not an issue
This also means the power car is also returned to the centre of the set

The Dapol units cope quite well with gradients
However they do lose their directional lights quite often and take some time to return
The Fairsh unit copes much better with gradients, there is no loss of directional lighting at any time
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