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N Gauge modellers meeting at the AGM of the N Gauge Society on 28th May 2005 were treated to a special viewing by Dapol of the latest pre-production prototype model of the Class 66 loco. This is becoming an increasingly popular class of loco across Europe among modern outline OO and HO modellers as a result of the numbers now seen handling freight on national railway networks. This is very largely due to the economic running costs associated with this GM designed loco which is making it popular with fleet operators.

When released this model will be a sure fire winner among N gauge modellers and the production model will feature front white lights and red rear lights. They will change depending on direction of travel. A switch will give day or night settings.

To view further images of this loco visit the N Gauge Society at

Dapol have their own website at

Happy modelling

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Dapol have seriously taken up the challenge for N Gauge British railways. The 66 looks good, and if the quality of the 73 and the 14xx is repeated, the consumer will benefit from the competition between N manufacturers.

Look at Hornby products now compared to 10 years ago, after years of complacency Bachmann raised the level and Hornby were forced to catch up. Will we see the same situation between Dapol and Farish ?

Note - I am not saying Farish are poor, since ownership by Bachmann they are now outstanding in comparison to earlier models. The consumer can only benefit from a little competitive element between manufacturers. Roll on Hornby with N Gauge additions to Lyddle End, we all want a bigger choice of better equipment !
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