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The short answer is yes. Not being familiar with this Dapol item it is difficult to provide anything more than general guidance, as Dapol attach couplers in a variety of ways.

If the present coupler is screwed on, both Bachmann and Hornby supply their couplers in a screw on version, and these could be tried to see if they provide the coupling distance required.

If the coupler is clipped in to a box arrangement under the vehicle floor, then Hornby also use this arrangement on wagons that came from the Airfix range: if their clip in coupler is available as a spare it would be worth trying. It is also possible to install a Bachmann NEM fitting mk2 coupler by cutting the tails off the rear end and narrowing the sides slightly so it will slot into the box, where it may be secured with superglue.

And if the fittings don't suit other couplers, clear space if necessary, and glue or screw on coupler mountings and coupler of choice in the required position.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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