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Dapol discounts

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Hi all, Dapol have just today added a page they call NQP, for Not Quite Perfect, listed were locos either "cosmetically challenged" e.g. on 66 and 73 classes non working lights, or ex demonstration models e.g I got an M7 ex Demo, claimed to be slightly noisy in reverse. Prices seem mostly about half RRP, although I did hear of a 45xx with suspect quartering going for about £15.
Only a limited 7 day warranty is offered, but for half price ??????
Now the list only has 5 class 73s and a solitary 66, as at 11:55 am. But worth keeping an eye on

Cheers MIKE
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An interesting concept. Every manufacturer must have hundreds or thousands of NQP products.
Bachmann sell all their's off in one go at the annual bun fight at Warley.

Hornby possibly offer products to the larger hobby outlets around the UK.

That does not mean to say that things can't change.

Happy modelling
I think that this is a brilliant idea by Dapol. I mean, not all of us have massive budgets, and thus these allow an easy way to acquire models with v. mnor defects. It is also somewhat fairer than selling the models off at Warley- not all of us can get there, y'know!

It would be alright but their website still seems to be offline.
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