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Dapol J94

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I have just taken the above out of its box after 20 odd years it is brand new.
I am going to lube it and run it on my rolling road. Before I start with the screw driver
is there anything I should look out for, stripping the body off the chassis does not look straight forward.
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I have an early J94 as well. They come apart in amost interesting manner, so take care to remember where each bit goes or you may never get it back together again. Better still, don't do it if you don't have to.

However if you want a challenge, the cab comes off separately and the reverser lever is free standing. The boiler splits and leaves the footplate attached to the chassis.

If the quartering on the wheels is OK and it runs smoothly, you are lucky. If you need to alter the back to backs to 14.5mm you may have problems with the quartering. Best of luck!

Have you got one with the plain coal bunker, or is yours the extended version?


Thank you for the advice I have since give it a touch of oil on the the wheel pins and tried it on the rolling road.
It has run for 4 hours and the amp pull is now down to 0.25. It is running as sweet as a nut.

I do not know what type or make the motor is, so I am going to let it be and run it as is.

Once again thank you for your prompt advice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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