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QUOTE (Grahame @ 7 Jan 2006, 00:56)Class 73s never carried the 'electric' blue livery. The SEmG will confirm this. The JA 73/0s started life in green and all the JB 73/1s entered service in corporate blue although the first 17 or so also carried a grey lower body/sole bar level band.

Found this info on the SEmG website -

QUOTE The JBs were initially painted in the pleasant "electric" blue - as also worn by the contemporary AC electrics - with a light grey band at solebar level and small yellow warning panels. Published accounts are inconclusive whether all JBs were out-shopped in electric blue or just the early ones. Thereafter the warning panels became full height and the whole fleet had succumbed to overall blue BR corporate livery by 1970.
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