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Interesting this. I personally would like to see manufacturers adopting 'standard' ranges, with the odd one offs. So rather than mucking about with two different numbers released at once, they just release one and leave it to the modeller to change the number. Unumbered would be even better, but hey, we are always told there's no demand.

So in the case of the Dapol 73/1, they could have a permanent range in the following liveries:

Electric Blue (carried by all class members)
BR Blue (carried by all class members)
Large Logo
Early Intercity (carried by all class members)
Intercity Swallow
Gatwick Express

This should ensure steady sales from the modellers market.

To ensure steady sales from the collectors market, the numbers carried could change each year. Liveries which were not widely carried (eg NSE, EW&S, Mainline Blue, SouthWest Trains variations, Pullman) could follow the current 'limited run' practise.

Just a thought

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