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Dapol News

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Some news on Dapols new releases for 2007 as well as what their 2006 Walrey release is.

(For those who want to wait for it to be a suprise then DO NOT click on the link below)
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Thats mega news. N guagers will be well pleased.

Don't click on the link if you would prefer to wait until 10:30am on Saturday on the Dapol stand for the great unveiling. And don't scroll down!

Dapol have been featuring large adverts in all the modelling press recently with a BIG "?" in the corner and a "wait until Warley" message.

This is it and it is really big news!!!

Happy modelling
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Not my scale but very impressive.

I loved this line
"It's a BOY…… No, sorry …... It's a 'Class 220 Voyager - 4 car DMU'"
made me giggle!!

Its nice to see a company supporting the N gauge people and leading the way, thats a very nice model.

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