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'Dapol Nthusiasts Club'

Dapol have announced the formation of their 'Dapol Nthusiasts Club' which will be launched on the 1st February this year. Based on an annual subscription with benefits to everyone who models in 'N'.

'Class 221 Super Voyager'

Following the success of the recent 'Class 220 Voyager' model Dapol have decided to now push-ahead with the 'Class 221 Super Voyager'.

The models will be supplied as a pro-typical 5-car set and, as the modification to the bogies are currently under production, we hope to have a pre-production model available for examination at the N Gauge Society 40th Anniversary Show in September. If all goes according to plan, the first release of sets should be available by Christmas this year. No news on price.

Dapol Low Emission Class 66

Dapol have also announced that they are to produce 2 x Class 66's from their NEW DCC ready 'low emission' range in the DRS livery.

These locomotives will be numbered as 66415 and 66417 and will be available in a limited run of 250 of each number.

Specification for the Dapol low emission class 66 includes……..

NEW Ultra high detail bogie frames and piping
Fully re-tooled body with 3rd door
Altered cab side windows
DCC ready 'plug and play' board
NEM coupler sockets

The DRS 66's are scheduled for a 3rd quarter release.

The allocated product codes are:

ND-069a = 66415 ND-069b = 66417

MRF comment continues in this previously stated post here
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