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Can anyone tell me what are the best wheels to use as a replacement for the ones that are supplied because the flanges are too deep and are rubbing on the sleepers of code 75 track but they are fine on normal code 100 rail.

I am going to have to replace 4 sets on each coach and I have 7 coaches, 1 dummy driver car, and 1 power car (both bogies powered) so approx 36 sets of wheels.

I want the cheapest wheels possible as i wasnt expecting to have to buy extra bits.

Any help would be great.



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i dont think there are any finescale wheels for the pendolino. the origionals should be finescale enough for any track on the market. the trouble is that they use inside bearings and they are not very free running. the bogies and the mechanism are a real dissapiontment as the body is actually not bad and they went to the trouble of modelling all variations which is more than i suspect we will ever get from the new hornby.

on the official virgin layout that they use for PR events, they replaced the chassis with bachmann 158 chassis and tilted the track to give it the right look. the pendolinos and supers run on a different track to the rest of the stock.

is there a particular problem with the wheels you already have?

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