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QUOTE (ozwarrior @ 28 Jan 2007, 09:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If that were the case Gary then why do Farish do models of the 60; 91; HST etc which aren't in their OO range.
I really do think Dapol have put the wind up them and the few N modellers I know over here, if they have a choice will go for Dapol. Supporting the underdog perhaps?

A bit of history:

Graham Farish started producing N gauge model railway items in 1970 (OO gauge from 1949). The N gauge HST dates from 1981 and the Class 91 from 1990. The Class 60 was also on the drawing board at Poole long before the takeover by Graham Farish by Bachmann in 2000 and was under development at the time of takeover. Note that the forthcoming Graham Farish model produced by Bachmann is a brand new model designed in the UK and tooled in China.

All of these predate the announcement at Warley in 2003 that Dapol were entering the N gauge market. Following the demise of Lima N (ceased 1985) and Minitrix (ceased circa 1997), Graham Farish were the only supplier of British ready to run N gauge. The company was put up for sale in 2000 due to the retirement of the owners and bought by Bachmann. Following transfer of the tooling to China, the range was reworked and gradually reintroduced. The forthcoming HST and Class 101 diesel multiple unit are the last two models to undergo the transformation. There was a period when British ready to run N gauge items were in short supply, the items were reintroduced from 2002 with greatly improved mechanisms and since then the Graham Farish range has been expanded to include new subjects such as the much acclaimed Class 57.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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