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From the Dapol website. An interesting approach and one used by Heljan earlier in the year. If this trend catches on we could yet have some interesting models if proven demand is there and there is enough "customer power":-

CAD Image

01/06/07 :
When we first announced that they were to produce a 'Spine Wagon' in N, both media and customers alike asked the same question "..are you making it in '00' as its missing from the market...".

At the time, our answer was 'No' as our factory was committed to producing our already advertised range of 'N' models.

However, the question continues to be asked and, because of the seeming demand, it would be foolish of us not to investigate the opportunity further.

Obviously, we have not made anything new in '00' for some time and we do need to carefully judge the market demand before committing ourselves to production.

It's pointless us making 1000 units if the market needs 10,000; conversely, it would be financial stupidity to make 20,000 units if only 500 sold.

It has been suggested to us that we should take 'The American Approach' and where commitment and pre-orders are initially gained from stockists.

If enough pre-orders are placed by stockists then production is authorised; if pre-orders are not forthcoming then the project does not commence.

Its too early in the day to give precise product specifications; however the following would be a reasonably accurate scenario:-

Presented as 'Twin Unit' : Two liveries at release : Released at Warley 2007 : Choice of different running numbers (say 500 units per number only): Fitted with NEM coupling pockets : Compatible with existing range of Containers in the market.

We have today sent a mail-shot to all Dapol stockists containing the above information and we now need '00' modellers to show their level of commitment by going to their local stockist and telling them "..please order the Dapol Spine Wagon..".

We appreciate that this is perhaps a unique "Customer Power" approach to the UK market - and equally it will give us at Dapol a better understanding of the market size and the level of customer demand. If there IS demand we will make the product; if demand is poor then we will not proceed.

The decision is in our customer's hands and we will be reviewing the project again in 30 & 60 days time. A public announcement will then be made with our decision. Hopefully, it will be positive.

Happy modelling

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I've ordered 2 sets. These are invaluable wagons for the contemporary scene , given the lack of other container flats to modern standards (The Bachmann "pocket wagon" being almost the only other

The prototypes are in service with both GBRailfreight and Freightliner and are ideal behind a Freightliner 66 or 57 , or GBRailfreight 66., whether in OO or N. To be honest at present there's not much else RTR you can legitimately hang behind them

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I've ordered four sets. I know some have said they won't commit until it's released so they can check quality but I feel we need all the modern stuff we can get. Congrats to Dapol - I hope it comes off.
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