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Dapol Track Cleaner

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Hi all. I have been looking at the Dapol track cleaning car. I am considering getting one, but I haven't seen a review of one, or met anyone who has gotten one yet. Does anyone know whether there has been a review in any of the magazines?
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QUOTE I have been looking at the Dapol track cleaning car

So it was you hogging the Dapol website?

I just happened across it tonight but the Dapol website is very unresponsive. It's the first I've heard of it, so I'm certain Hornby Magazine haven't reviewed it but that might change towards the end of this week

I'd definitely like to know more too.

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QUOTE so I'm certain Hornby Magazine haven't reviewed it but that might change towards the end of this week

and so it has proved. There's a two page review in the January issue. If you're not a subscriber, you'll have to wait until Friday (December 12th) to buy a copy.

Looks a very promising release for all you OO modellers very much like the tomix track cleaners i have, i'm sure these cars will keep your track in great condition
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Looking at the review, it does seem to be an interesting device. It has a built in vacuum cleaner a fluid reservoir for use with some sort of solvent and an abrasive pad.

I have trouble with track cleaners with pads running over points. They always seem to catch, then the pad shreds. And solvent drip control is never perfect... So I revert to my faithful track rubber.

The Dapol cleaner gets a "Highly recommended and extremely useful" mention from Mike Wild, the Hornby Magazine editor.
Have the Tomix N gauge one, on which the Dapol one is based. Find the vacuum cleaner function the most useful - the abrasive disc is useful for uneven joints. Like Doug have never really trusted liquid track cleaning liquid - Railzip for example is reported to have a nasty effect on traction tyres.
Hi all, i went into my local Antics to buy a peco turnout yesterday and was surprised to see the dapol track cleaner sat on the shelf. I had already read your comments and also those of tomix 'n' guage owners and thought on the spur of the moment i would have one, although i am in the middle of constructing my layout and all the track is brand new, so it probably won't be required anytime soon. If i have time over the weekend i will be taking it apart to fit a TCS decoder. As i am new to this I will attempt to take some macro photograpths of the interior and post them on this feed. I hope they will be of interest to somebody. Obvoiusly a review of the cleaning capabilities will be limited to its vacuuming as i have already said my layout is both new and not complete. Must say first impressions, is why have Dapol chosen the bluey purple colour scheme. Will attempt a respray asap in keeping with my weathered hornby crane etc (Maintence colours)!!

look forward to the photos Dave and and seeing how decoder fitting goes

Dave has sent in some good pictures and a review of the Dapol Track Cleaner.

Click here for the review.

Thanks Dave.
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Presumably its that colour because it based on the Tomix N gauge one which is near enough the same colour.
An informative and useful review. Thanks for taking the trouble to put it together

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Thanks for that review very enlightening, anybody got them in stock?
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Hi everyone
I purchased one last weekend and chipped it. It a nice little compact unit, however the instructions aren't the best and there is no reference of what sort of cleaning fluid to use. Having purchased the Aztec Annihilator last year I have opted for Goo Gone as it does not seem to affect the plastic in that model. The combination of the annihilator followed by the Dapol to polish brings the track up like new.I agree about the colour, its a bit bright!! perhaps black or grey would have been better and the transfer it quite thick so I am wondering for resprays if it will remove easily. I too am a little concerned about the long term effect of the fine emery wheel but I expect once it has removed any residue maintenance with the polisher only will be adequate.The motor really does spin at a high speed but with no noticeable vibration.
Overall I think its a nice unit and with a 2 level layout its a blessing, as I said on my DCC posting will let you know in a couple of years if the track has worn down to the sleepers!!!!
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Hi stmartins could you tell me where you got the track cleaner
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Goo-Gone can be obtained from Axminster tool centre - www. .
They have a 235m/l bottle for £4.55 incl vat.

It is also sold by
They have 30 m/l bottles for £2.29.

Good review David. The DCC control is for the motor which vacuums rather than it being self propelled, is that correct?
I saw it on E bay and it was a buy it now offer from





It arrived in 2 days, a very good service.. Hope this helps
Hi Neil. Yes the DCC controls the speed of the motor and its direction of spin. A loco is required to push it or pull it around. In vacuum mode the tractive effort required from the loco is very low. When using the polishing and abrasive heads there is a little more resistance but nothing my bachmann 08 can't handle. I have noticed that the unit tends to move on its own when on level track so reversing the spin of the motor infact made it change direction, however I am sure this is not intentional and a loco is definitely required.
Thanks for that found one at East Somerset Models just got to wait now will compare Centreline,CMX,Dapol.
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