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Hi everyone
I purchased one last weekend and chipped it. It a nice little compact unit, however the instructions aren't the best and there is no reference of what sort of cleaning fluid to use. Having purchased the Aztec Annihilator last year I have opted for Goo Gone as it does not seem to affect the plastic in that model. The combination of the annihilator followed by the Dapol to polish brings the track up like new.I agree about the colour, its a bit bright!! perhaps black or grey would have been better and the transfer it quite thick so I am wondering for resprays if it will remove easily. I too am a little concerned about the long term effect of the fine emery wheel but I expect once it has removed any residue maintenance with the polisher only will be adequate.The motor really does spin at a high speed but with no noticeable vibration.
Overall I think its a nice unit and with a 2 level layout its a blessing, as I said on my DCC posting will let you know in a couple of years if the track has worn down to the sleepers!!!!
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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