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This is correct. You need a 6-pin motor decoder on the power car in the middle and a 6-pin function decoder either end, but as 6-pin function decoders are hard to find you may end up having to buy three motor decoders. There is probably scope to run the lighting wires through the train to run everything off one decoder.

I think there's a warning on the box that you shouldn't run the lights on DCC without a decoder as they are only good for DC voltages. If you don't have enough decoders than it should be OK just to remove the blanking plugs in the end coaches to disconnect the lighting circuits.

Pickups tend to be poor and the original Class 220 doesn't have enough weight in the power car so the wheels may spin on gradients particularly if you adjust the pickups to work better.

The Farish Voyager only needs two decoders as the motor is in one of the end coaches. It's also a much better engineered product and having seen it I regret buying the Dapol one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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