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Dapol wagon wheel back-to-backs.

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I recently bought 12 Dapol milk wagons brand new in two batches of six from different suppliers. All of them had to have their wheels eased outwards using a 14.5mm gauge. (N0 wonder some of them derailed first time out.) Is this a normal feature of Dapol wagons?

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I have a few of the Dapol 6 wheel tankers which have the offending wheels - no coning and dreadful flanges.
They ran very hard and noisily on my track and derailments were common - which is very unusual for me.
I just replaced the wheels with some from Hornby as it wasn't possible to make something good out of the Dapol rubbish!
QUOTE (mr angry @ 26 Mar 2021, 17:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Dapol wheels are rubbish. I built a few of the ex airfix kits and, using the wheels supplied, they derailed constantly, even on straight track. Replacing them with Hornby wheels completely cured the problem.

I use Hornby wheels as a matter of course on Dapol wagon kits.

Note that there are two variations of wheels in these kits: originally, when Dapol first took them over, they were supplied with the original Airfix plastic kit wheels which came as a split axle arrangement. Later, Dapol supplied their own metal wheels in addition (and still do) to the Airfix wheels.

It hasn't always been possible to fit Hornby (or Romford/Gibsons) wheels to these kits because originally, they had a non-standard axle length and Hornby were using the standard Romford axle lengths. For many years, Peco supplied replacement one-piece plastic wheels which could be used. I used a few of these and they were actually very good - no wobble issues at all - and you can still get them. I stick with Hornby wheels.
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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