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Hello all,

I've just noticed that Dapol have revamped their website and brought it into the - well, made it much better than it was! I for one thought there was room for improvement, sometimes I got lost in the bowels so to speak. Now it is a delight to use!
I should also say it seems to have been expanded at the same time to include an online shop and some new sections (maybe they were there before but I just couldn't find them?!) such as detailing models and DCC etc.

The MK3 DVT is coming along nicely I gather from this picture, although it does suggest that the side windows are not flush glazed? This is in fact very easy to do with a plastic sheet on the inside of the sidewall with raised window shapes that fit into the holes and so are flush with the outer surface. Roco have done such flush glazing for decades on their N scale coaches, if the Dapol R&D budget can stretch to £5 for an old Roco one on eBay, then could just dismantle it to see how it is done properly!

Picture: Dapol

Although it doesn't look flush glazed on the real thing?!

Picture: RailFanEurope

And the LNER B17; would you believe it was N gauge without the Rapido?

Picture: Dapol

Picture: Leicestershire County Council

Can anyone direct me to a good website with pictures of the B17, I gather they were all scrapped without exception, so decent photographs that match the angle in the Dapol shot are hard to find...?

Also I understand they were painted in a delicious green livery at some point in their careers...can anyone point to a colour picture?
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