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Hey guys I went out yesterday with some friends and visited 2 preserved lines

We started out at the Weardale railway in which we had a ride on what i believe is the one of the only dmu 141 units to be still running. The line isn't that long and took about 15-20mins to complete from 1 end to the other but the people there were very helpfull and even brought the unit down as far as the depot so we could get some pictures of the class 73's,20,56 and some of the sentinel units.

The other line we visited was the South Tynedale Narrow Gauge railway which I was first thinking OMG narrow gauge railway this is going to be really boring. But the staff were very helpfull and even let me and one of the people that I went with round the carriage and engine shed and even was explaining where they got their stock from and how long the line is and general stuff like that. Even when there was a problem when we had a ride on one of the locos on the return journey and the loco ran out of water with none around the staff were really apologetic and even offered us free drinks to make up for the delay. It turned out to be brilliant apart from the weather which turned bad on the journey between the 2 lines.

I have downloaded some of the pics I took into my album

or follow this link.
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