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QUOTE (william @ 17 Jul 2007, 00:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
So anyone have any advice about BEMO chipping yet

Hi William

its been a few years since I dabbled with Bemo stuff.. I dcc'd a Tm 2/2 tracktor, so I hope this helps.

As I recall, you will have to accept that due to the tiny size of the cabin. the decoder will be visible.
At the time I used a small footprint Zimo Mx63 decoder clearly any small /tiny decoder will do.

As none of the Bemo Tm 2/2's have any lights there are literally only 4 wires to connect.
Remove the original circuit board ( keep it safe, should you ever want to reconvert and sell)
All you need to do is identify the wheel pick ups, 1 each side and the motor connection. & then solder each respective wire from decoder in its correct place.

I then used some black electrical tape to disguise the decoder a little.

The Bemo Tracktors only have a poor 3 pole motor but run okay,,, I found I had to add some weight to get mine to ride the points successfully. this is easy done adding a small toolbox with some micro lead shot in to the front platform.

They are cute little models and any station /goods scene really needs one !

Hope this helps.. good luck

Steve B

the bigger locos are "claimed" to be dcc ready... I really don't know how they get away with that claim under trade descriptions. !

Again, you will need to cut out the circuit boards and hard wire a decoder to the respective terminals on the board... not exactly "dcc ready" as they claim!
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