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Regarding decoder fitting in kit builds, these can be among the easiest 'not DCC ready' types to convert, as they have simple wiring and usually plenty of space inside the white metal body. Some RTR requires a fair amount of work to cut away metal and/or plastic to create a concealed decoder location. But the enhanced control and operational freedom make it well worthwhile. Both the really simple stuff like dividing a train using two locos, and stabling locos 'anywhere', with no need to think about sections; and the ability to have speed matching, speed curves, acceleration and braking rates set loco by loco, and quickly altered by programming on main. Then there are the automation possibilities so that the system can run the whole layout; or act as 'the rest of the line', operating a storage yard by dispatching and receiving for example.


Research system capability against your present and likely future requirements before committing to any purchase.

Try out the various styles of handsets and control interfaces available, to see which one really suits you. There is now a very large choice over a range of aspects: units suitable for desk top or panel mounted use, walkaround handsets both corded and cordless; control by turning a knob and/or pushing buttons; minimal user information from a small LCD panel, up to a fair sized screen full of information. Take the time to read the manual of the systems that appeal to you; is the information easily comprehended?

Standardise on a single system with a good reputation for reliability and performance during your learning phase, to minimise problems.

If you do take the plunge, spend a lot of time just using the system with the manual to hand until all the control actions and programming become second nature. Like driving a car, it is most enjoyable when 'unconcious competence' is achieved.
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