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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 13 Jul 2007, 04:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I would be inclined to agree with Oscar - DCC for traction & analogue for accessories.

Some of the advantages for DCC;
Lights can be left on stationary locos and/or stock - no going brighter & dimmer as speed increases/decreases.
Coach lighting stays on all the time (can be switched off via decoder).
Full power available for smoke generators at low speeds.
Real remote uncoupling using Kroiss couplings.
Ability to set one or more trainsrunning on main lines while you manually control others, using just the one controller.
Easy ability to set up automatic block working for main lines with trains always stopping in the exact place (only with the better quality decoders).
Fairly easy ability to use a computer for control. Feedback modules available so that the computer "knows" where each locomotive is.
You can of course use DCC for controlling signals & points if you wish.

In a nutshell, DCC can be as easy or complicated as you wish.

Hope this helps.
I would echo all of the above. I really don't think analogue is a real option anymore. Do you have a black and white TV or betamax video? I would put analogue DC in the same basket.
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