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Until last year I had a good sized n gauge layout which I started building 18 years ago. It still worked pretty well with no real bugs. But I decided after so long it had become a bit stale so I dismantled it and I've had a few month's break.

Now I'm considering making a new start and the question arises - to DCC or not? Some of my locos are a bit elderly and run poorly, so limiting myself to chipping a few of the better ones shouldn't be too much of a hardship. But is there room to convert n gauge locos for DCC? The systems seem a bit pricey too, well at least they are compared to using the stuff I've got for free! Which is the best to get?

Finally, is it possible to run locos on two separate systems at the same time using one DCC system, as for example on a layout with OO and oo9 on two systems. You'd want trains running on both simultaneously.

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