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hello there
unless they have changed the floor it dosent have a recess. it has the same floor as all his mk1 kits. it has a bogie boss at one end and at the other end spaces to glue in another bogie boss to ceate the 2 different lengths of mk1 coach.

the spud will fit entirly under the floor but the black beatle wont. on the bottom of the chassis you should see a rectangle marked out. that is the bit you cut out for the black beatle. your black beatle should have come with a metal bracket that fits into a place marked on the centreline next to the cut out.

these are great kits and with care should make up into a really nice model. one tip for these, normally when building coaches i like to make the entire body lift off the chassis and floor. DC kits are the exception. i build the whole thing up attached to the floor then use a TINY bit of liquid poly under the cantrail to attach the roof. that way the whole thing is solid but with a quick flick of the knife you can gain access to the interior.

I had a 2H that i sold a cou[le of years ago. i did quite a good job of building it but a mess of the paintwork. someone else stuck the roof on using a large ammount of evo stick contact adheasive and made a complete hash of it. i was very dissapointed but it still sold. i have also done a rake of his TPO kits that went together beautifully.

if you cant see where to cut out for the bogie, let me know and i will take some pictures for you.

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