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Hi Dave Just come back to the hobby last year sold my N gauge layout which had grown cobwebs and a lot else.start out buying my Great grandson a Thomas the the tank and built a layout on a board but things got a bit out of hand so have taken over the shed .So tried a EZ train set DCC so the bug bit ,sold that and tried Hornby Select , got rid of that too enought said on that one now on Bachmans Dinamis. not over the moon on that but spent me pocket money so stuck with it fo the time being so back to the point in hand I think you can not go wrong with DCC but think take advice what Richard Johnson says great advice from a man that knows.
But I fine it much simpler than just DC as you have no block to wire or worry about if you have switch them wrong even if you have wire for DC you just turn them all, on a bit of a over the top remark but think you can get the point.
sorry I rambled on a bit but wish you all the best sound is on my wish list too

regards Noel
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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