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Hi All
I have what is basically an oval layout (multi tracks) with hidden loops inside hills which are used for storage and to park trains to add to the operational side of the layout.
I am thinking on the lines of having isolated sections at the end of the storage sidings before the points activated by push and hold switches (sections will be longer than the longest Loco) so that there is no mistake when train driven into loop it will stop without the old brain having to remember.
Now assuming the power to the whole layout is not switched off as I understand it the master DCC unit will continue to send signals in the track to the loco as it will assume it is running. Then you start up another loco ( I appreciate the master unit has to support multiple locos at the same time) and resume operations on the main layout.
When ready to bring the loco out of the storage loop (assume points set correctly) if the isolated section is made live I am assuming that the loco will pick up its signal and start up as per the program in the decoder.
I guess the question is does the master keep sending the signals to the Loop engine decoder even though it will not be getting a response from that decoder because it is held on an isolated section of track.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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