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QUOTE (Roberth1 @ 12 Mar 2007, 12:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I guess the question is does the master keep sending the signals to the Loop engine decoder even though it will not be getting a response from that decoder because it is held on an isolated section of track.
If you simply leave the first loco setting as it was, and just change address for the next loco, it is likely that the command station will continue to send out commands to the first loco, and add the new commands to its packet queue. In a traditional DCC system the command station does not get a response from the decoder anyway, and has no idea whether the loco has 'heard' it or not, hence the need to continually send commands.
The actual effect you get will depend on the packet queueing methodology your particular command station uses.
My own command station design would not produce the desired response because I have chosen to only allow an individual handset to control one loco at a a time. Even if you can program your decoders to accept an infinite time between commands, the decoder would have lost its settings during the period the track is isolated.
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