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I am looking for sockets which fit the DCC decoder connectors. Does anyone know who supplies these connectors that would allow me to wire up the locomtives and change decoders if required. The decoders come with a male connector NEM 652/ NMRA. I require the female part of the connector or the socket . Do hornby supply these as the new locos come with this socket ? I have asked customer care at hornby today and awaiting a reply but also though I would ask on the forum.

I am also aware that running non DCC locos on a DCC circuit can burn them out (check out the Hornby forum on DCC) .

Also when converting a loco it seems to be necessary to remove resistors and capacitors from the motors. It is hard to get good info on setting it all up.

I intend to start writing a manual on how I get on.


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Regarding the female DCC NEM sockets. I thought of doing this a couple of years back. I emailed the Hornby service department and they put me on to East Kent Models tel. no. 01 227 770777 or Burnley Model Spares tel. no. 01 282 771109.

At the time, the sockets cost nearly £5 a piece.

I decided that it was more cost effective to hard-wire the decoders.

Regarding your "manual" Why not create a Blog. You can set one up here for free. See the links at the top of the page.
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