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DCC beginner

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Hello, having just joined MRF and posted on the introduction thread, I thought that I might follow up with a more technical note.

Starting from scratch I decided that DCC was the way to go. I bought Bachmanns diesel starter EZ-Command set plus a Central Trains DMU which I had chipped. Both run well. My layout is fitted permanently in a commandeered bedroom (with permission from "she who must be obeyed"), there is only 2.4 X 1.5 metres available with an extended corner which is on an upper level to create more track space, so multiple carriage trains are not really practical. I had considered N gauge but my old eyes and banana fingers can just manipulate 00 gauge stock.

I was very fortunate that a friend gave me three old (30 years plus) hornby train sets plus 25 metres of flexi track. Unfortunately I have not had a great deal of success in chipping the Flying scotsman or one of the 0-4-0 GWR locos. The wiring/soldering is not a problem, getting them to work smoothly is, I suspect the old 3 pole moters may have some bearing on this.

The EZ gets quite hot even with one loco running, I have plans to replace it with something more up market (Gaugemaster prodigy or wait to see what Hornby are bringing out)

Anyway thats enough of my problems for now, I am on holiday for the next two weeks but be warned, "I'll be back"

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Indeed, any loco has to be smooth on DC to be smooth on DCC. I wonder if it is possible to upgrade the 3-pole motors with 5-pole ones?

Welcome to the forum and have a good holiday.
That's good. We have a few of our Thomas The Tank Engine locos chipped. The 0-6-0 'Thomas' and 0-4-0 'Percy' have Slot Car motors running them and they handel very well under DCC. Much less nervous than with DC.
Please give us your feedback on the NCE system.

Take a Look at LisaP4's DCC chart. Remember that there is no need to run hundreds and thousands of locos, rather buy a system that has a simple interface and is comfortable to use. Test it in the shop if possible. Ask them to show you how to run 3 or 4 locos at once with it as well as switching some points. If those tasks are simple and enjoyable, then go for it.
Have you checked the main track's current?

Sounds like some sort of wierd incompatability between the NCE and the TCS systems.

In the shop, were the new TCS decoders tested on NCE DCC?
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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