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DCC beginner

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Hello, having just joined MRF and posted on the introduction thread, I thought that I might follow up with a more technical note.

Starting from scratch I decided that DCC was the way to go. I bought Bachmanns diesel starter EZ-Command set plus a Central Trains DMU which I had chipped. Both run well. My layout is fitted permanently in a commandeered bedroom (with permission from "she who must be obeyed"), there is only 2.4 X 1.5 metres available with an extended corner which is on an upper level to create more track space, so multiple carriage trains are not really practical. I had considered N gauge but my old eyes and banana fingers can just manipulate 00 gauge stock.

I was very fortunate that a friend gave me three old (30 years plus) hornby train sets plus 25 metres of flexi track. Unfortunately I have not had a great deal of success in chipping the Flying scotsman or one of the 0-4-0 GWR locos. The wiring/soldering is not a problem, getting them to work smoothly is, I suspect the old 3 pole moters may have some bearing on this.

The EZ gets quite hot even with one loco running, I have plans to replace it with something more up market (Gaugemaster prodigy or wait to see what Hornby are bringing out)

Anyway thats enough of my problems for now, I am on holiday for the next two weeks but be warned, "I'll be back"

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QUOTE Doug, 7mm bus? You probably robbed your local power station.

No the cheapest copper earth wire available. All houses in South Africa have an earth leakage system because of the frequent lightening storms. This makes excellent bus wire, and it's strong and dos'nt need to have the sheath stripped when you add a dropper.
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Thanks for responses, P4me is correct, The current (no pun intended) track clips have something wired across the A and B strips, presumably an RF filter. The older ones do not.

Hi! Old Hornby 3 pole motors can be replaced by 5 pole versions if you can track them down.Major problem in good running is also likely to be the steel wheels on the older locos.
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