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DCC Block Detection with Ecos Detector and Bachmann EZ Track

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I am running a Ecos system with block detection (or trying to) on nickel silver Bachmann EZ track.

I am new to block detection and I believe I have it wired correctly with wire soldered to one rail and straight to my esu dectector and the block isolated at either end with backmann insulated gap tracks. Essentially the detector is showing an engine in each one of my blocks even though there is no engine there. When I run an engine through the area it stays lit up and never registers that it has left. It doesn't appear that my tracks are isolated even though I have both swing arms open on the gap terminals. I have also removed the track bus from those sections and the train stops so that would tell me the block is setup correctly as far as isolation so not sure if I am doing anything wrong.

Maybe I have a faulty detector. Not sure. If anybody could help that would be appreciated.
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