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QUOTE (poliss @ 18 Feb 2008, 17:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If anyone new to the hobby read this debate, then they'd probably go and take up something simpler, like nuclear physics.
Hi Poliss,

Can't help but observing that, despite the learning scale that has to be surmounted, DCC makes things immeasurably easier and more fun. It also allows you to get on with running locos/trains faster in the end.

Cables and Buses:-

For others in the debate, the radial bus (or if you want to think Data Networks, think of a 'Star Network') is just the bits and easy to put into effect. It starts with one pair of cables coming out from the relevant connection on the DCC Controller which then connected upto a choc box and then run off a daisy chain. From each of the pairs in the daisy chain you then run off a separate bus. The daisy chain replicates the number of running lines, say four if your layout has four parallel track circuits. These radial pairs/buses are separated on the track by insulators between facing pairs of points. If there are extra lines within this type of circuit, say loops/sidings, then use a further leg. To make matters easier for identification purposes, use different colours of cable for the droppers between the track circuit and the bus. I hope this makes sense, as it is easy to do. I hope I haven't gone on too much, or confused the issue. This construction of the bus is working fine on a 20' x 12' loft layout, with additional power districts (another subject) attached to it.

Additionally, a separate bus is used for the control of accessory decoders, used for point control. This is important, and, should influence the type of controller you buy.

Finally, follow as much advice as can be obtained, and, in particular, the terminators to the bus. If I may make a suggestion check out the DCCUK forum, a useful area for learning and batting ideas around, not to mention read around the DCC Section in this forum.

Best of luck to the newcomers in DCC, it is worth the work and the layout of cash for the loco decoders and ancillary equipment. It is also possible to run standard point control systems (AC/DC) separately from the DCC point control on the layout, so the cash layout for these systems isn't wasted!


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