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Hi all
I have been reading with interest on another forum the topic of whether of not the power bus (which also carries the DCC data signals) should/can be wired under the layout as a ring or radial circuit. Searching the internet I can't find any reference to ring circuits being used anywhere, as they all refer to radial power buses.

Will any short circuit currents be better and fast returning via a ring or a radial bus
Will the data on the power bus be best served by a radial or ring circuit?

So, is a DCC ring bus advisable or is it to be the radial or perhaps it just doesn't matter?
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[ I cannot imagine being in a position where blind acceptance of things magically working around me without at least a rudimentary understanding of the principles involved is acceptable.

The old saying says " I don't know how the watch works but I can tell the time".

30yrs in model railways, the last 13 in DCC and the old saying has served me well.
Happy DCCing
Ian sa
QUOTE (Gordon H @ 20 Feb 2008, 13:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Then I guess you see yourself as the Managing Director of your railway, rather than the Chief Engineer?

She who must be obeyed is the Managing Director, I am the Chief Engineer( despite not knowing how the watch works), general roustabout and everything in between.
Happy DCCing
Ian sa
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